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Transport by tipper


Transport by tipper: flexibility and efficiency at your service

Based in Natoye, Belgium, Transport Dimitry Deblier provides tipper services throughout Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

We understand that flexibility is crucial in the transport sector. That’s why we strive to tailor our services to your requirements in terms of volume, route and deadlines. Our experienced team ensures that your goods are delivered reliably and on time.

The quality of our service is our overriding commitment. We strive to ensure that every tipper journey meets high standards of professionalism and customer satisfaction. Our drivers are trained to handle loads expertly, ensuring the safety and integrity of your goods.

Transport d'aliments pour bétail

Why choose Transport Deblier for transport by tipper ?

Thanks to their design, the tippers are suitable for transporting a variety of materials, from sand to animal feed. They are equipped to meet the specific needs of each type of cargo, ensuring safe and efficient transport. What’s more, our cereal tippers enable rapid loading and unloading of goods, making them the preferred choice for companies needing an efficient means of transporting large quantities of materials in a single operation. In fact, thanks to their shape and lifting mechanism, it’s easier to quickly dump crops or other materials into the skip. This helps farmers, for example, to save time and optimize their operations. In short, each bucket is designed to guarantee optimum safety and efficient loading, while complying with current safety standards.

Secure transport

Maintained trucks

4 x 52m3 cereal tippers

Trained drivers

Flexibility and reactivity

Quick and easy loading and unloading

Our tipper transport services

Livestock feed
Transport d'aliments pour bétail

With our cereal tippers, we provide an FCA-certified feed delivery service, guaranteeing a secure, high-quality supply chain. Our experienced drivers ensure reliable and accurate delivery, meeting the strict standards of FCA certification for the transport of animal feed.

Gravel trading

We specialise in trading in decorative gravel, slate and shale for professionals, such as parks and gardens wholesalers who supply private individuals, and riding schools. Transport Dimitry Deblier provides fast, secure delivery of decorative gravel and sand to meet the specific needs of these professionals.

Need safe, efficient transport ?

Put your trust in our expertise and contact us today to benefit from a transport solution tailored to your specific needs !

flotte camions dimitry deblier

Discover our fleet of trucks

Transport Dimitry Deblier has a fleet of four trucks, each equipped with a spacious 52m3 aluminium semi-trailer.

Our equipment, equipped with airtight tarpaulins, unloading aids and on-board washing stations, illustrates our commitment to quality and reliable service.

To find out more about the advantages of our fleet, please visit our dedicated page !


FCA Certification

At Transport Dimitry Deblier, our commitment to quality and safety in food transport and logistics is reflected in our FCA (Feed Chain Alliance) certification.

This accreditation testifies to our scrupulous adherence to best practice in the animal feed chain.

Thanks to this certification, we can guarantee transparent and rigorous control of all our operations. Our operations comply precisely with the FCA’s strict requirements, particularly in terms of traceability, hygiene and the meticulous cleaning of our trucks.

When you choose Transport Dimitry Deblier, you’re choosing excellence: a fleet of modern, fully-equipped vehicles, drivers and staff specially trained to transport all types of animal feed safely and in compliance with current Belgian and European standards. Our dedication to maintaining high quality standards is the guarantee of your satisfaction as a customer, and it is this confidence in our expertise that motivates us every day.