Our commitments

Compliance with environmental standards

Greenhouse gas emissions from heavy goods vehicles are often at the heart of environmental concerns. That’s why we make it a point of honour to comply rigorously with environmental standards in the transport sector. With regulations constantly changing, it is imperative that we adjust our practices and our fleet of vehicles. Our drivers are regularly trained in eco-driving, enabling them to reduce their fuel consumption while protecting the environment and the well-being of local populations during their journeys.

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Environmental standards in truck driving

Our sustainable practices

What’s more, to comply with the latest environmental standards, our HGVs meet the Euro 6 standard, which imposes strict limits on emissions of NOx, CO, HC and fine particles. In addition, we favour the use of new-generation fuels, which are less polluting than their predecessors. What’s more, we choose our tyres carefully, favouring those with the best performance in terms of rolling resistance, wet braking, low noise levels and reduced fuel consumption, thereby making a significant contribution to preserving the environment.

Cereal tippers to transport your produce

Transporting agricultural produce quickly and safely is essential for farmers. That’s why Deblier provides them with cereal tippers. If necessary, our drivers will go to the production site to collect the products directly into their cereal tippers. We can transport all bulk products for agriculture and animal nutrition. FCA-certified (equivalent to gmp, Qualimat), we comply with all the health regulations in force for the raw materials needed to manufacture animal feed.

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Transport de céréales en vrac

Secure bulk transport

Bulk cereals (wheat, rape, barley, maize, etc.) are transported in tippers. Required by current legislation, these tippers are specially designed to comply with all hygiene standards for transporting foodstuffs.

First and foremost, cereal tippers must be FCA-compliant and certified. This means that the skips must be washed with antibacterial and antifungal products to prevent the spread of germs and mould. The vehicles must also be traceable, so that they can be tracked in real time.

Cereals are very demanding raw materials in terms of transport, and tippers are very popular in the food industry.

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