Fleet and certifications

Our fleet

Discover our fleet of trucks

Our fleet of trucks at Transport Dimitry Deblier is FCA-Certified and designed to meet our customers’ varied and demanding freight transport needs.

We make it a point of honour to guarantee the safety, reliability and efficiency of every journey by complying with the specific weights required by the various laws in force.

Transport Dimitry Deblier is ready to meet all your transport needs, in complete confidence.


Fleet features

4 trucks

Our fleet comprises four trucks specially selected for their performance and endurance on the road. Each one is meticulously maintained to ensure smooth, trouble-free operations.

4 x 52m3 skips

Each truck is equipped with a 52m3 semi-trailer for the secure transport of your goods.

Full Aluminium

The semi-trailers are made entirely of aluminium, a light, strong material that ensures optimum payloads for our equipment.


Hermetic tarpaulins

Each semi-trailer is fitted with a hermetically sealed tarpaulin, guaranteeing the safety and protection of the goods from the elements.

200L wash station

To maintain a high level of hygiene and cleanliness, each semi-trailer is equipped with a 200-litre washing station, enabling effective and regular cleaning to be carried out independently.

Large cylinder

To facilitate unloading, each semi-trailer is equipped with a large jack with a large tipping axis, guaranteeing a smooth and safe unloading process.

Transport par benne
Grain skips

Cereal tippers for your transport needs

At Dimitry Deblier, we have a number of grain skips. These are equipped with safety devices to ensure trouble-free transport. What’s more, our staff are trained to handle each load safely, helping to protect your precious crops.

Choose transport via our cereal tippers for a reliable, efficient transport solution tailored to your agricultural needs.

Contact us today to discuss how we can make transporting your grain easier and help your business grow.

Transport par camion Dimitry Deblier
Goulotte de déversement pour camion
Station de lavage pour camions
Tuyau embarqué de nettoyage de camion
Need safe, efficient transport ?

Put your trust in our expertise and contact us today to benefit from a transport solution tailored to your specific needs !

certification FCA


FCA (Feed Chain Alliance) certification is a key quality and safety standard in the food transport and logistics industry.

This is a recognised label certifying compliance with good practice in the animal feed chain.

This standard takes into account quality in the manufacture of animal feed, the processing of raw materials, their marketing, storage and transport. FCA-certified companies in Belgium guarantee strict, transparent control of the entire chain, from production to distribution of animal feed.

FCA certification is administered by OVOCOM, a Belgian non-profit organisation that monitors quality in the animal feed sector.


Our commitment to quality delivery

At Transport Dimitry Deblier, we are FCA-certified. This certification testifies to our commitment to quality and safety in the transport of animal feed products.

It guarantees that our operations meet the strict requirements for food production, processing and transport. Precise traceability, compliance with rigorous hygiene standards and the cleaning of our lorries are an integral part of the FCA’s requirements, guaranteeing safe, quality transport for every delivery.

By complying with FCA regulations, our company meets the requirements of both Belgian and European legislation.

When you choose Transport Dimitry Deblier, you benefit not only from a fleet of modern, fully-equipped vehicles, but also from the expertise of our drivers and qualified staff. Our team is specially trained to ensure flexible, fast and safe transport of all kinds of animal feed, in strict compliance with current standards and regulations.

We are determined to maintain the highest standards of quality, guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers. Your trust in our expertise is our greatest motivation.

Transport par semi-remorque en Belgique