TRansport Dimitry Deblier
Your trusted partner in the world of transport

Specialising in the transport of animal feed and gravel, Transport Dimitry Deblier offers its expertise in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Secure transport

We specialise in transporting animal feed, livestock raw materials and gravel. We ensure secure, punctual and flexible delivery of your goods.

Equipped fleet

We have 4 fully-equipped tipper lorries to transport your goods in the best possible conditions.

FCA certified

Our FCA certification is a guarantee of our commitment to quality, traceability and safety in the transport of animal feed.

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Who are we ?

Transport Dimitry Deblier: your satisfaction, our commitment

Founded in 2004, Transport Dimitry Deblier has established itself as a key player in the sector, offering flexible transport solutions tailored to professionals.

Specialising in the transport of animal feed and FCA certified, we meet the strict requirements of this essential industry with precision and commitment.

We also trade in decorative gravel, mulch, slate and shale, mainly for parks and gardens.

Our fundamental objective at Transport Dimitry Deblier remains constant: to ensure the total satisfaction of our customers.

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Transport Dimitry Deblier, your partner for safe transports

Based in Natoye, between Namur and Ciney, we transport goods throughout Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

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Our services

Transport by tipper

Tipper transport offers an efficient and safe solution for moving bulk materials. At transport Dimitry Deblier, our specially equipped tipper trucks are designed for fast, accurate loading and unloading. With flexibility and reliability, we meet your specific transport needs in a professional and tailored manner.

Livestock feed
Transport d'aliments pour bétail

With our cereal tippers, we provide an FCA-certified feed delivery service, guaranteeing a secure, high-quality supply chain. Our experienced drivers ensure reliable and accurate delivery, meeting the strict standards of FCA certification for the transport of animal feed.

Gravel trading

We specialise in trading in decorative gravel, slate and shale for professionals, such as parks and gardens wholesalers who supply private individuals, and riding schools. Transport Dimitry Deblier provides fast, secure delivery of decorative gravel and sand to meet the specific needs of these professionals.

Need safe and efficient transport?

Put your trust in our expertise and contact us today to benefit from a transport solution tailored to your specific needs!

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Discover our fleet of trucks

Transport Dimitry Deblier has a fleet of four trucks, each equipped with a spacious 52m3 aluminium semi-trailer.

Our equipment, equipped with airtight tarpaulins, unloading aids and on-board washing stations, illustrates our commitment to quality and reliable service.

To find out more about the advantages of our fleet, please visit our dedicated page!

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